Materials & ProcesS

Some design pieces feature hand-drawn extruded motifs using the same filaments used in machine 3D printer.  The material extruded is a Flexible TPU filament  which is  durable and  washable.

Unlike the straight, clean lines of machine 3d printers, my pieces are all personally hand crafted, not machine fabricated, so tailored cosmetic imperfections are considered and woven into my designs to maintain a non-machine based, bespoke aesthetic. These uneven, skewed and intertwined elements are critical to the character, aesthetic and language of my handcrafted technique. 

TPU filament is a thermoplastic which is flexible  Care: gentle hand wash, dry flat in cool shady spot. 
(Do not iron or dry clean)

Custom designs, personally made by me Erica Gray. 
Half Face Obscura start from $250 AUD
Full Face Obscura start from $500 AUD
Half Torso Harness start from $180 AUD
Full Body Harness start from $350 AUD
Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for custom orders, not including post time.